What I've been up to recently.

So the exam session ended yesterday and I am pretty happy about it. I don’t have any poor marks (at least I hope so, ’cause I still don’t know the results from my last three exams) … I have some excellent grades, some very good and a few good ones… So yeah, I am content.
Now I’m home for two days, just relaxing with my family.
I’m a little disappointed by the SU administration, but hey – I don’t want to ruin my day with negative thoughts.
As to my private life… Well… I think I’m finally free from all the old shit. I’m actually starting a new relationship (or at least I hope so). I’m still a bit scared, suspicious and precautious but we’ll see what happens later. I wish myself good luck.
I’m OK. I’m looking forward to spring, to seeing my old friends from school. Such things.
Now I’m off the keyboard ’cause my dad’s driving me nuts here! See ya!
Have a nice day!

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