To be yours

I will try to be yours
just till the night comes.
It’s hard to promise, though.
I’m bound to break this vow.

Don’t be too quick to judge me now.

You see, I’ve got this issue
that’s tearing up my tissue:
I’m white, I’m black,
I’m Miss You-Name-It
and oh, I love it so,
and oh, you love to blame it.

I will try to be yours
just till the night comes.
Then I’m dead for you,
the way you are dead for me, too.

You see, you might just suggest
that I am everyman’s and yes –
you might be right,
and yes – it might be fine.
But if you really guessed
you’d know that I am
only mine.

I will try to be yours
just till the night comes.
My so-called heart.
If I gave it I would fake it.
Was it yours, you’d surely break it.

You see, I used to have some lacerations
that caused me all these malformations.
There is a lot of me for you –
to touch and taste, to view.
But right in there, inside my core
there’s nothing left you could adore.

My so-called heart……….

I’d rather you chose to ignore it,
for it is too vile to abhor it.

So, if I say I’ll try,
you’d better pray I lied,
you’d better hope I failed
and what was yours
had sailed.

Alekzandr K. and his music inspired me to write this one… again! 🙂 Thank you, Alex, you know you are a star!

PS – Sex is a little death…..

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2 Responses to To be yours

  1. K. каза:

    This one moved me… It’s truly amazing. I don’t know you and I can’t even begin to understand what made you this way but know that even in the greatest pain we feel we are still beautiful. You’re beautiful.

    • admin каза:

      thank you, Kalin 🙂
      do we know each other somehow?
      i ask this mainly because i don’t expect anyone who doesn’t know me in person to read this senseless stuff 🙂
      anyway, thanks one more time!

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