Zero 7 – Destiny …

Can’t get two things out of my mind. The first one is this song… And the second one… is this new person in my life. We’ve been together for less than two weeks, but I feel like I’ve known him forever… It’s so comfortable being around him… I feel protected and peaceful… And restless at the same time. This restlessness comes from asking myself too many questions which have to be answered by both of us. And from keeping these questions to myself because I think it’s too early to ask them aloud.
Where are we going?
Does it feel the same way for both of us?
Are we rushing things?
Is this right?

It’s strange… but I feel. I feel a lot of things. Some of them I recognize from before… and the others – I’ve only dreamt of them. And now it’s all coming true… Or is it?
Doubt and fear have always been inseparable from what you might call „Nora“. And they are signing in whenever I am by myself. But once I get a hug from this person… everything else vanishes and the only thing that remains… is the perfection of the moment.
You see, I feel like I could write forever… but I’m afraid it’s too early and I KNOW that words spoil senses.
So I’ll stop here. _

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3 Responses to

  1. K. каза:

    Hmm.. I wonder what this person is all about.. He should be someone pretty nice if you feel that way for him. I hope he won’t disappoint you..

    • admin каза:

      well… I still don’t know him very well – he might be pretty nice, yeah. He might also be better or worse than that. But who cares! The important thing is that I feel like I’m in a fairy tale when I’m around him… And I secretly hope he feels the same way about me….
      Does he? ;p :*

  2. K. каза:

    Fairy tales aren’t particularly good, you know.. They only fills our mind with things that just are not suppose to happen and leave us to wonder in a world that is less than what we can live with..

    I don’t know what’s happening with me from time to time and I can’t describe my gloomy mood or the cause of it. Everything’s alright and in the next moment I feel so lost..

    But soon I’m fine again. I’m sure.. :))

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