I really can’t handle too much studying so I’m constnatly looking for some kind of distraction
… And here it is… another post in this almost senseless blog.
Today I was thinking… you know, because I bumped on some blogs about politics and economics… so I was thinking that nobody really has to give a shit about politics. It’s not what makes you smile at the end of the day. And it’s not what will make your life better. Politics is actually one of the things that might make you feel angry or hopless. And everybody knows that too much drama is no good.
I could write about the hot topics. About the swine flu, about the elections or shit like this. But there is no point because things aren’t changing just because anyone is writing about them. And I can’t see why people have to bla-bla about something they can’t change.
That’s why I only bla-bla about my stuff… I was about to say „shit“ but I realized that lately I’ve been using words like shit&fuck too much.
You know… I may be dumb as fuck (see what I’m talking about?!??) I may not know what are the components of the GNP (though I already know them) and I may not know all about the intentions of „GERB“ … But I know a lot of other things. Things that are really improtant.
It’s true that science, politics, economics and stuff like that give you a better perception of the world around you. But the best perception is the one you get by communicating with people.
The world is not made of Boiko Borisov and taxes and Money Demand Lines. The world is made of beauty and us, the scared little pathetic creatures that destroy it. And studying about THIS would help us a lot more.
But I guess I have to say this to the SU Administration 😀 haha They are not putting off my exam just because I have a strong opinion so I have to go back to studying.
Macroeconomics here I gooooooooooooooooooooooo ! phushhhh *plunges into the unbelievable and so enchanting world of macro*

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2 Responses to Distractions

  1. Eledel каза:

    Familliar. Look at the time of the posting. I have an exam in 3 nad a half hours…

  2. Anton каза:

    I can’t agree more 🙂
    Several years ago I noticed that following local news was making me miserable and sad… so I stopped. I am sure I did myself a great favor.

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