Pride and Prejudice. An urban fairy tale.

As time was ticking away she waited and waited for her Digital Prince Charming to text her on the iPhone. She checked out the display every few seconds and after the 2842568th time she started to get „a bit“ nervous.
„Why isn’t he calling? There must be somebody else he’s seeing, he hates me… and I, I can’t stop thinking about him, should I call him first? But it would be too insolent… and .. well he’s the man, he’s supposed to call first! Is he just using me? Yes, right, it’s just the sex and he wants to take advantage of me!“
It was near midnight but neither her fairy godmother had signed in to facebook, nor her beloved one to MSN. She was on the verge of crying – hopeless, unsure, fragile and inconfident. Is that what falling in love was about?
Isn’t it about daydreaming, about sharing every little perfect moment together? About smiling and opening yourself to the whole world rather than withering in insecurity? What stops us from being truly happy? The Synthetic Princess was pondering over these when she heard her phone ringing with the „Red Jumpsuit Aparatus – Justify“ tone. And this could only mean one thing – Prince was calling.
As she saw his name in the display, her face illuminated with the unmistakable love light.
– Hi, there – murmured the most alluring voice in the whole Universe.
– Oh, hi… – she could barely speak.
– Whatcha doing?
„I’m driving myself crazy thinking about you here..“ she wanted to reply, but hey – who does ever do it like this?
– Nothing… Just.. nothing. I’ve got no plans for tonight – she implied.
– Sweet. But you now do – you’ll go out with me.
– Yeah sure.. meet you in half an hour.
– Kisses…
She closed before he managed to pronounce the last word. And for a moment she just stood there trying to figure out if what had just happened were true. And it was and so she screamed and jumped and put on her sneakers and bursted out of the door. The rest is history, present and, hopefully, future: addictive kisses, heavenly moans and THAT look on their faces. And in the morning after, she got back home. Smiling as she walked past everybody. The colours were brighter, the food was tastier, the cigarettes were orgasmic. And she was deeper in love. Time was the fleeting moment between their meetings. The world was a stage where they played themselves in the most ancient fairy tale ever.
This is what it was all about. The pride, the prejudice… these are just fears in disguise that fade away with every kiss.

Really, what stops us from being truly happy?
It’s our ego. It’s ourselves. We always want something back and rarely give anything.
I don’t want to be part of this. I’m truly happy if what I give to somebody makes him truly happy. This is my reward.
To love somebody is more elating than anything else. This, I think, is what is the more important thing. To be selfless, to give. Thus we get the greatest „repayment“ – somebody else’s happiness.
And it doesn’t even matter if people know what you’re doing for them or how you feel about them. It tells itself, no words needed.
It’s in your eyes, your smile, your deeds.
No more ego, no more prejudice. I’m done with that.

Are you?


Guys, I know this sounds so 16-year-old-emo. But it’s the truth, when you come to think of it… Isn’t it?

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One Response to Pride and Prejudice. An urban fairy tale.

  1. паро каза:

    всичко тва е много хубаво, само че буквичките са ти много мънички, момиченце 🙂 ако прочета още 2-3 поста и ще трябва да слагам очила…

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