Little things that make me happy

Just to remind myself…


The smell of a new book… Though I mostly read from my Kindle these days.

Flowers. Lilly of the valleys, peonies.

White dresses with flower prints.

When I cook something new and it turns out delicious as fuck.

Time spent with myself. Doing something unimportant, reading, taking care of myself. Just me. No baby, no husband, noone. Just me.

Time spent with my favourite people. Doing absolutely random things.

The little details in a song that seem almost impossible to spot out.

Early mornings when the air is still fresh and the sunbeams wake me up.

The sound of the sea.

The chirping of the birds.

Summer rain. Its quietness. The smell of rain afterwards.

When my cat falls asleep in my lap.

When my man surprises me with flowers, cupcakes, jewelry… or spoils me in general.

The laughter of my daughter.

Her eyes when she’s smiling.

Her tiny cheeks. And tiny hands.

Stuffed animals.


Cat-themed clothes, lingerie, shoes, etc.

Late night walks… Although they kind of remained in the past since the birth of Siyana.




Fruits in general.

A man’s whisper in my ear. Uhm no, that’s actually a turn-on. I’ll write about these some other time.

Feathers on a flat surface.

Autumn leaves. The smell when they’re being burned.

The cozy feeling of being inside my warm home when it’s snowing outside.



White sand.

And so many other things… I could go on forever.

So, you see, I have every reason to be happy.

And you too.




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